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All employees of TESNA (hereafter referred to as the company) are responsible for managing security of information assets, for preventing leakage of the company’s information assets such as core technology, and for maintaining
reliable information protection system.

Information assets to be protected are as follows:
Information on the company’s core technology, production, confidential information
about sales, and customer information.

Important tangible/intangible information gained during job performance.

Information system equipment and relevant devices.
Environmental assets related with work sites and equipments.
Employees of TESNA strive to do following activities for information protection:
Establish management system in order to protect information, technology, and assets.
Introduce facilities, system, and organize manpower for information protection.
Establish and practice administrative, physical, and technological guidelines on protection
of information, technology and assets.
Provide trainings to practice guidelines on information protection.
Establish and practice basic measures to manage security breach, prevent disasters,
and abide by rules.
A person in charge of information protection should maintain and change the policies to keep the policy
continuously valid on a regular basis, and should provide regular trainings on information protection to employees.
All employees should follow a company’s information protection policy, and make their best efforts to keep and
develop information protection activities.
May, 2012
Jong-do, Lee
CEO, President